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Fetzysworld byl založen profi jezdcem a trenérem v jedné osobě Danielem “Fetzy” Fetzem. Fetzy založil svůj wakepark na jezeře Salmsee ve Steyreggu. Používá zde klasický Sesitec system 2.0. Pro návštěvníky je možnost vyzkoušet si wakeboarding i za lodí stejně jako spousta jiných, ať už vodních či suchozemských aktivit. Fetzysworld se rozrostl do pravděpodobně nejuniverzálnější a nejlepší školy wakeboardu v Evropě – zajistěte si schůzky s rakouskou legendou wakeboardingu Danielem Fetzem! 

Půjčovna - Vesta
Půjčovna - Wakeboard
Půjčovna - Neopren
Půjčovna - SUP
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Mark N
Mark N
06:51 29 Jul 21
Kili, the Mr Miyagi of wakeboard teaching! :)To set the stage I need to mention here that I have arrived to... Fetzysworld with close to 0% knowledge. I knew how to go around a cable park but that was pretty much it. Kili will teach you the basics, how to build up your knowledge, how to build on each and every trick. Very professional, patient and crazy attention to detail. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher!!! The trampoline and video analysis sessions are extremely helpful as well. One of the pictures is an Ollie backside 180°....I know Kili, I know...arm is out and you asked for a frontside 180° 😂😅 Next time bro😁Besides the top quality teaching you will just generally have a great time. I was the only one who didn't speak German yet everyone made me fill welcome. Sabine was a legend, helping me with everything before, during and after the camp. Big thanks 🙂 Even if you are not in Fetzy's camp he is around most of the time and has a motivating word for everyone. You can immediately see why he is the Champ!The sticker ceremony is super cool at the end but I won't go into details. You will just have to see it for your self.Thank you, All and see you next year!celá recenze
Adam Żyżyński
Adam Żyżyński
22:40 20 Sep 20
Amazing, professional and super chilled. Highly recommended for any age or skill level. Will be coming back over and... over!celá recenze
Hans Landgraf
Hans Landgraf
20:49 29 Jul 20
Top location
Pierre Bodin
Pierre Bodin
17:56 16 Sep 18
Great coach, great pedagogy, great equipment, great atmosphere (and a free good concert on the sat evening on the... weekend we were there). If you want to make fast progress, pay a visit to Fetzy! I highly recommend the Raley in 10 days video package. Very well done (I never thought Raley could be so easy : ). Congrats Fetzy and see you next year!celá recenze
Aylin Enis Ugur
Aylin Enis Ugur
06:37 06 Aug 18
Perfekt place to chillout and learn wakeboard. If you are an advanced rider you will also learn tons of stuff from Fetzy
Stephan Brandmair
Stephan Brandmair
13:00 10 May 18
Best place to progress and have fun on the wakeboard. Coaches, who knows how to teach a sport. Are motivating you to... try out stuff, you would probably never try out at a big cable system. Everytime a big fun for us 😀👍celá recenze
Peter Rosemann
Peter Rosemann
15:34 14 Jul 17
Cool place with the best teacher 🙂 lots of fun and very relaxed.
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