Wakelake Golden Sands


Wakeboardový vlek táhne každý den od 09:00 do setmění. V hlavní sezóně si začátečníci mohou jezdit zdarma v úterý a čtvrtek od 09:00 do 12:00 dokud sami neprojdou celé kolečko. Pro pokročilejší máme zvýhodněný dopoledni lístek pouze 15 EUR od 09:00 – 12:00 v pracovní dny. K dispozici je půjčovna s kompletním vybavením (wakeboardy, wakeskaty, lyže, vesty, přilby, neopreny).


K dispozici je také Flyboard – jedinečný a fascinující, vodními tryskami poháněný létající board se kterým může každý volně létat nad vodní hladinou. Nabízíme začátečnické kurzy tak další pronájem.


První a jediný Blob v širokém okolí. Blob je velká nafukovací lehátko, na níž jeden člověk sedí a druhý na ni skáče. Při dopadu je první člověk vystřelen do vzduchu a dopadne bezpečně do vody. Jedinečná zábava kterou je třeba vyzkoušet.

Půjčovna - Vesta
Půjčovna - Wakeboard
Půjčovna - Neopren
Půjčovna - SUP
Wake Prodejna
Jízda na dvojlaně
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D. John
D. John
13:36 05 May 23
We had such a brilliant time! The park and obstacles were fantastic, the coaching staff were so attentive to our... beginners, and we had a really nice time over food and beers afterwards. 100% will come back! Thanks to Tomas, Tereza and the otherscelá recenze
Lukáš Kubica
Lukáš Kubica
08:07 24 Mar 23
Wakelake is a must-visit destination for wakeboarding enthusiasts in Slovakia. Located in a beautiful natural setting,... this wakeboarding park offers an exhilarating and fun experience for all levels of riders.One of the standout features of Wakelake is the quality of its facilities. The park has full-size cable system, making it easy for riders to get plenty of practice time in. Additionally, the park is well-maintained, with modern equipment and well-trained staff who ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.Another advantage of Wakelake is the variety of obstacles and features available for riders to test their skills. From beginner to advanced levels, the park has something for everyone, making it an excellent choice for groups of friends or families with mixed abilities.In addition to wakeboarding, Wakelake also offers a restaurant that serves delicious food and drinks. This makes it an ideal spot to spend a full day, or even a weekend, with friends and family.The park is also accessible and welcoming to everyone, regardless of their level of experience or ability. The staff is friendly and helpful, and there are classes and lessons available for those who are new to wakeboarding.Overall, Wakelake is a fantastic destination for anyone looking for an exciting and fun wakeboarding experience in Slovakia. With its top-notch facilities, variety of obstacles, and beautiful natural setting, it's no surprise that it has become a popular destination for wakeboarding enthusiasts.celá recenze
Stefka Tsoneva
Stefka Tsoneva
20:18 30 Nov 22
Going on cold water is really an experience.. healthy
Ricardo Fernandes
Ricardo Fernandes
10:21 07 Aug 22
Been 2 times, its freaking awesome, its much cheaper if you go all day, ends up 50€ with equipment, usually theres... always someone to explain the basicscelá recenze
Jonathan Burns
Jonathan Burns
14:36 05 Aug 22
Nice place to chill out and relax during summer
Aleksej Petrakov
Aleksej Petrakov
20:53 19 Jul 22
The system itself is ok, nice 5 tower system with not very sharp turns, but organisation of wakeboarding requires... improvement.First of all, it requires some kind of floating path going around the cable to make walking to the dock after falling faster, because now walk after falling eats up a lot of time and you spend approximately 20 minutes to get back to the dock(if you fall further than after third tower)which is bad for people buying a 1 hour or a 2 hour ticket. Floating path will also decrease waves making it easier to wake.Secondly, rental boards are in poor condition, bindings couldn’t hold the foot properly increasing the risk of traumas.I can personally praise the Wakelake wake park for having slim handles on the system.Overall a good wake park but still needs improvements.celá recenze
18:34 20 Jun 22
As long as you bring your swimsuit, you can rent everything to enjoy wakeboarding and other activities at this... facility.On weekends there are too many people to park, but outside of that it's great.I go there every summer.celá recenze
Marcelo M.G.
Marcelo M.G.
05:37 04 Sep 18
A beautiful lake located 30 minutes from downtown Bratislava. Wakelake has different restaurants near the shore with... tables and even beds to spend the day while taking the sun and relaxing. You can rent some skis and equipment to practice your abilities. They have an amazing system that pulls you without the need of boats.celá recenze
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