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Wakepark Goitzsche

Doraž si zajezdit v nejmodernějším wakeparku ve východním Německu! Kvalita, bezpečnost a inovace především. Nezáleží na tom, jestli budete jezdit na velkém vleku nebo na 2.0 (oba systémy od společnosti Sesitec) – zde jezdíte na nejnovější generaci vleků. V Goitzsche Wakeparku čekají na vaše kreativní použití zcela nové překážky od Unit Parktech. Nabízíme vám nejlepší podmínky pro zábavu na vodě. Kromě wakeboardingu a vodního lyžování se můžete projet taky na paddleboardech. A pokud se vám nechce sportovat, odpočiňte si na naší písečné pláži. Provozní doba uvedena pouze pro hlavní sezonu. Pro aktuální info sledujte web nebo fb wakeparku.


  • 2x kicker Medium
  • 2x kicker Large
  • groom table
  • ollie box
  • bankrail
  • pipe
  • ollie barrier
  • funbox
  • uprail
Půjčovna - Vesta
Půjčovna - Wakeboard
Půjčovna - Neopren
Půjčovna - SUP
Wake Prodejna
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Wakeboard Goitzsche
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Silvia Schulz
Silvia Schulz
10:34 18 Apr 22
Were very rudely expelled from the parking lot. Supposedly an (imaginary?) roadblock overrun. Parking was apparently... forbidden there, although only about 10% of it was occupied by vehicles and mobile homes. Not a nice reason why you can't park there. The Lord wanted to know several times how we got through the "lockdown". (where there was none?!). Even when told that he should be a bit friendlier, he didn't become friendlier and couldn't and didn't want to justify the whole thing.celá recenze
Christian H
Christian H
23:51 24 Feb 22
A nice spot on the water. There was also cheap parking nearby
Ralf Ryssel
Ralf Ryssel
18:40 14 Oct 21
Great facility for fans of this water sport. Straight surfaces and obstacles for jumps and other activities. Wetsuits... and boards can be borrowed.The facility is in a beautiful location. The Goitzsche offers numerous other opportunities for sporting activities and relaxation.celá recenze
Berrit Kienelt
Berrit Kienelt
17:13 15 Jul 21
Great facility and super nice people ... Here you feel very quickly, very well ... As a beginner you are in really good... hands here ... great trainers and EVERYONE motivates you ... 👍🏼WE WILL COME AGAIN ... 😊celá recenze
Nico Scholze
Nico Scholze
17:59 07 Jul 21
Very cool facility
Yasser Saied
Yasser Saied
11:21 31 Aug 20
Karl Heinz
Karl Heinz
17:13 25 Aug 20
Very nice facility, everything brand new in stylish colors, does not look worn down at all and is also not yet... overcrowded. The people are amazing, they show and explain everything and encourage small setbacks. We really appreciated that. An absolute insider tip also for stressed cities in the surrounding area! Top!!! Thank you!celá recenze
Tony Doan
Tony Doan
13:24 24 Aug 20
We were given a defective SUP board, which filled up with water while on the lake. As it was no longer possible to row... the boat after an hour, because it was too heavy due to the water, we had to swim to the closest bank and pull the boat behind us. On the bank we then "dumped" the boat and rowed back normally. Since the whole maneuver took half of our booked time, we asked the staff to reimburse part of the price. They just looked at us indifferently and then said that it was our own fault that the ROTATING LATCH had come loose when it was overturned and only asked us for a voucher, which of course didn't do us any good because we had traveled from further on.celá recenze
Öppi 123
Öppi 123
19:10 17 Aug 20
doyeon Kim
doyeon Kim
07:42 18 Jun 20
As a group of absolute beginners, it wasn't easy at all even to properly ride 5 meters, but the instructor, Rick was... extremely patient and tried to really help us. We really were satisfied of the general facility and appreciated the help from him. (Thanks Rick once again!) We hope to visit here soon in the future!celá recenze
Krzysztof Wojcik
Krzysztof Wojcik
23:00 20 May 18
Chill +++++ ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
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