Otevírací doba se může měnit v průběhu sezóny, proto doporučujeme sledovat sociální sítě.

Velký vlek vybudovaný v jedné zátoce na Probošťských jezerech. V létě hodně lidí a velké fronty. Hezké prostředí ale voda se v průběhu sezóny zhoršuje, vlek vypadá že se stále ještě dodělává. Dá se zde i najíst a napít.

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Alexandra Smirnova
Alexandra Smirnova
16:13 17 Aug 22
Its about, the training team and guys who operation the ropes are 5 star, but the cashier women and guy are awful, just... 0/100One time - paid for the time and renting a wake and someone had stole it before paying and I had a bracelet but couldn’t ride because they had no boards. Another time there were no boards at all. And they said that they can not do reservations. And can not say on the phone that they have your size. And that anyone can take it at any minute- so it will be just luck if they have yours size.And then the line was so huge that you need to wait for 30 minutes to ride. And then you ask to change the time for another day because of you fall you need to wait for 30 minutes again - they said no, we don’t do that. 🤦🏻‍♀️ if you have your board and come in the morning - it’s fine but otherwise - no sense. Destroyed my mood three times already. 👍🏻celá recenze
George Knap
George Knap
10:38 28 Jun 22
My experience of this place as a beginner was disappointing. We booked 4 hours. As a beginners they sent us for 1 hour... on a practice lift. With 5 people there I had the chace to go only twice there and back which is enough to grasp how to go in straight line but there wasn't a chance to practice turning or starting from the carpet board which is needed for the main lift. After one hour they said we cannot practice anymore as there were more people comming in for training, so we had to go to the main lift. At the main lift we simply could not figure out how to start from the carpet without falling down and after two hours we gave up. The difference in levels of those two seems to be too much for a complete noobie, so my suggestion is to go learn somewhere else. For experienced person it seems like a great , fun place. Adding one more start for excelent food.celá recenze
Alexander Set (drBuben)
Alexander Set (drBuben)
19:11 26 Jun 22
Nice place where you can perform all your dreams and find your love.
06:49 17 May 22
Really good experience while wakeboarding for the first time. The bold teacher was not good but the blond lady was very... patient and supportive. Food there is tasty too.celá recenze
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